For several years Summerfield has not kept our offering.  Instead, we give it away to others for mission and ministry in the community and the world. We give diversely but prioritize serving the poor, children, senior citizens, and those struggling with homelessness and addiction.

In these days of COVID-19 we especially encourage you to assist these groups who feed those in Philadelphia who may be going hungry.  These are groups we support in varying ways with our time, money, and facilities.
Cast Your Cares  &  Shores of Grace  &  Easter Outreach  & Good Samaritan Food Pantry

The Summerfield Benevolence Fund aids people in the community and supports the missions and ministries our Sunday morning offerings support.
Give by check (made out to “Summerfield”):   Summerfield Church, POB 3607. Philadelphia PA 19125
Give by debit or credit card: